Addon [TH] Forum Rules


  1. admin  2017-04-19

    [TH] Forum Rules 1.0

    • 会员必须接受规则才能查看论坛,主题等
    Compatible XF Versions | 兼容XF版本
    • 1.5

    About this add-on

    This add-on is designed for the Administrator to create rules for their members. Rules which members have to agree to and accept before they perform several actions in your forum, such as view the forum, view threads, start a new thread or start a conversation.

    Rules have an acceptance time in seconds. You can exclude groups and forums from the rules. Rules can be shown on the navigation menu and they can be reset, so members will have to agree to them again.
  2. admin  2017-06-24

    [TH] Forum Rules 1.1
    Version 1.1 Released

    Bugs Fixed
    • Made JS timer use the registration timer for better compatibility.
    • Removed unnecessary code.
    • Reformatted rules template to show the defined rules in a full width of the container.
    • Redirects now properly work.