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  1. admin  2017-03-26

    • 让论坛拥有BT跟踪功能
    Compatible XF Versions | 兼容XF版本
    • 1.4
    Additional Requirements | 安装需求
    • PHP 5.4+
    • XBT Tracker

    This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.

    enTT provides an integration between XenForo and the XBT Tracker by Olaf van der Spek.

    It also includes one time free XBT tracker installation service.

    Main Features
    • Torrent List Page
    • IP Ban Manager
    • Client Ban Manager
    • Freeleech Option (global | per torrent | per user)
    • Bonus System
    • Category System
    • Ratio Check System
    • Weekly tracker stats (Top 10)
    • Wait Time System
    • Peers Limit System
    • Integrated with User Upgrades
    • Magnet Links
    • Responsive Layout
    • Minimum Post Restriction
    • Peer Speed
    • Snatch List
    XBT Tracker Requirements
    • Linux Operating System (Debian, CentOS, Fedora Core and Red Hat)
    • GCC/G++ (4.7+ required; 4.8.1+ recommended)
    • Boost (1.54.0+ required)

    Installation is divided into two parts.

    Addon Installation

    Same as any other XenForo addons. Upload files, xml etc..

    XBT Tracker Installation
    xbt - High-performance BitTorrent Tracker - Google Project Hosting

    Admin Options


    Torrent List


    Purchasing a license entitles you to the use of XenTT on a single XenForo installation. If you wish to install XenTT on more than one installation then you must buy additional licenses.

    For more information, please read the License Agreement.
  2. admin  2017-07-11

    XenTorrent Tracker 1.2.1
    XenTT 1.2.1 Released

    Today, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of XenTT 1.2.1. This release has some new features and fixes a number of issues that were found since the release of 1.2.
    • Public Tracker Support
    • Cloudfare Support
    • Added missing phrases.
    • Fixed some other minor bugs.
  3. kevent25  2017-09-17

    ohhhh thx for this addon, this is really apprecied