Addon [TH] Monitor Personal Conversations


  1. admin  2017-03-25

    • 监控用户会话,防止广告或竞争者滋扰用户
    Compatible XF Versions | 兼容XF版本
    • 1.5
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    About this add-on

    This add-on is designed to keep an eye on the personal conversations traffic at your forum, in order to protect and guard it against unethical competitors, who might try to steal your members away. And against all kind of illegal or other unethical activities.

    Members with the right permissions, which is Monitor personal conversations and can be found under the Conversation Moderator Permissions, will be able to view all personal conversations traffic at your forum.

    To do that, you must click the Monitor Conversation link that appears on the Conversation navigation menu, which will display all active personal conversations that members have exchanged with each other.

    Keyword Search

    You can search personal conversations for certain keywords. Keywords must contain only one word to search. The search will list all conversations that contain the keyword search query.

    View Members Personal Conversation

    You can also view individual members personal conversations. You can do that by going to their profiles, and clicking the Monitor Conversation link under the Moderator Tools drop down menu.


    This tool is meant to keep an eye on your forum with the sole purpose to root out any potential rivals, or any illegal activities. So please use it for that purpose only and do not invade users privacies for no reason at all.
  2. admin  2017-03-29

    [TH] Monitor Personal Conversations 1.1.2
    Version 1.1.2 Released
    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed inviting other users.
  3. admin  2017-06-24