Add-on [AH] Discord Widget 1.0.2

添加自定义 discord 服务微件到侧边栏

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    Third Party Libraries
    This addon makes use of discord-widget from Resting Coder.

    What does this addon do?

    This addon lets you add a discord server widget to your forum list sidebar which features channels and online users.
    Screenshot.png Screenshot (8).png

    There are an extensive amount of options to configure the widget to your liking.
    Screenshot (5).png

    It is also fully customizable via style properties.
    Screenshot (11).png

    1. Extract the [AH] Discord file and upload addon-ahDiscordWidget.xml through the admin control panel of your XenForo Installation.
    2. Obtain your Discord server's ID and type it into the "Server ID" field in the option page. If you don't know how to obtain your Discord server's ID, click here.
    3. Obtain your Discord server's invite link. It MUST be set to never expire. If you do not know how to obtain your Discord server's invite link, click here.
    4. Enable the "Enable on Sidebar?" option if you are not using [bd] Widget Framework.
    5. Modify any settings in the options page, and/or customize the style properties to suit your needs.
    If you are using [bd] Widget Framework, follow these instructions
    1. Create a widget with the "[Advanced] HTML & Template (without wrapper)" render and use "ah_discord_widget" for the template name.
    If you like this addon or it has been useful for you, be sure to leave a review and a like. (y)


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