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    TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam Complete Collection

    This is the complete collection of AntiSpam Tools provided by Tenants

    There are currently 6 add-ons to this collection, these tools will make all spam irrelevant.

    This is the Free version of TAC Anti Spam, which is branded. This free version also does not contain the plugin DeDos
    (If you find these tools useful, please consider upgrading to the brand free version: TAC Anti Spam Brand Free)

    TAC Anti Spam includes the following Add-ons:

    1) AnyApi: Use Any Api On Registration (anti spam, anti fraud, any api thing) [This is Free and can be downloaded as a Free Stand Alone Plugin]
    By default, this is set up to use:
    • Project Honey Pot Http:BL,
    • StopForumSpam,
    • FSpamlist,
    • Spam Busted,
    • Bot Scout
    • (up to 10 APIs defined by you)
    Although, when using FoolBotHoneyPot, you wont need any APIs to stop bots (I recommend just including StopForumSpam to catch humans)
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    2) FoolBotHoneyPot: (this is now desperately needed again for XF > 1.4) Currently Prevents 100% of Bots, using elegant methods that do not bother humans
    This uses many methods (too many to describe here), for information on the methods, read this:
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    3) StopHumanSpam: Set conditions signature/links/homepage & stop post creation for banned words
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    4) StopCountrySpam: Black/white list country IP addresses from registering
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    5) CustomImgCatpcha: Customise your own images for CAPTCHA
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    6) FaceBookRegCaptcha: Add CATPCHA to FaceBook Registrations
    This prevents (rare) bots attempting to register via FaceBook
    For installation instructions, follow this:

    NB: StopBotResources is not included in the collection, since it should only be used for small forums, with resource issues due to spam bots
    NB: PhoneVerify is is not included in the collection (It's out of the scope of "normal Anti spam tools")