Add-on Audio Plus 1.8

允许播放mp3 音频附件

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    Audio player which plays attached .mp3 audio files.

    (Example of Audio Plus player in a post)


    • Automatically inserts an audio player for each .mp3 attachment.
    1. Download and unzip it.
    2. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The correct location will be library/Andy.
    3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page.
    4. Upload the addon-AudioPlus_v1.8.xml file.
    5. Click the Install Add-on button.
    How to use:
    1. Create a post.
    2. Upload a .mp3 audio file using the "Upload a File" button.
    3. Save Changes.
    4. Audio player is automatically inserted into message.
    5. Click play button to listen to audio.
    Set up:
    1. Create a /misc/ folder in your web root.
    2. Upload the following file Andy/AudioPlus/audio_plus.php to your /misc/ folder:
    3. In the Admin Control Panel, update "Maximum Attachment File Size (KB)" to 3072, this will allow a maximum of 3MB audio files to be uploaded.
    4. In the Admin Control Panel, update "Allowed Attachment File Extensions" to include mp3 files.
    5. In the EXTRA.css template add the following code:
      #audioplus {
         max-width: none;
         max-height: none;
    User Group Permissions:

    This add-on requires the Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group to have "View attachments to posts" setting set to "Allow".


    Questions and Answers:

    Q: I get the following error message after uploading a file, "There was a problem uploading your file".
    A: This means your php.ini maximum upload setting needs to be increased.

    Q: Will this add the audio player to any previous posts with .mp3 attachments?
    A: No. To make older posts show the audio player, you will need to edit and save the post.

    Q: Can you make this permission based?
    A: No.

    Q: My error.log show a problem with file_get_contents command.
    A: Make sure allow_url_fopen is enabled in PHP.

    Q: Will this work in Conversations?
    A: The audio player will only embed in posts.

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    Thank you.