Add-on [XenMods] Enhanced Search Improvements 1.2.0

XF增强搜索(Enhanced Search)改进

  1. 1.2.0 - Feature Update

    Implement the ability to use unescaped simple_query_string syntax (disabled by default)
    • The simple_query_string supports the following special characters:
      • + signifies AND operation
      • | signifies OR operation
      • - negates a single token
      • " wraps a number of tokens to signify a phrase for searching
      • * at the end of a term signifies a prefix query
      • ( and ) signify precedence
      • ~N after a word signifies edit distance (fuzziness)
      • ~N after a phrase signifies slop...
  2. Bugfix & Minor Feature Update

    • Restore php +5.4 compatibility
    • Log Elastic Search Query if an error occurs, as without it troubleshooting is virtually impossible.
  3. Maintenance Update

    • Fix compatibility issue with Digital Point Search that could render the AdminCP home page unusable.
    • Added debug option to log the search DSL queries to error log for troubleshooting