Article Management System 1.5.2

Article Management System for forum


  • XF最强大的文章系统
  • 可选简体中文


Compatible XF Versions | 兼容XF版本
  • 1.4
  • 1.5

What is AMS?

AMS (Article Management System) is an "Article" System that uses the same framework that I built Showcase with. AMS was actually what I used to develop & test new functionality that I added to Showcase for the past 3 years.

It has many of the same features as showcase:
  • Nested Categories
  • Full Category Permissions
  • Custom Article Fields
  • Custom Review Fields
  • Prefixes
  • Tags
  • Searching by Custom Article Fields
  • Category Options that override global options
  • TONS of options (over 500 Options)
  • Multiple Article List Layouts (Article View, News View, News View II, Grid View and List View as well as 2 custom layouts (blank templates) that you can use to create your own)
  • AMS Index can be configured to use a Modular Home Layout via Advanced Category settings.
  • AMS Categories can be configured to use a Modular Category Layout via Advanced Category settings.
  • Integrated with core xf (search, find-new, navigation, sessions, likes, profile, spam handling, report handling, moderation queue, Alerts, emails, Watching etc)
  • Built in integration with CTA FT Portal, XFMG and [bd]widget Framework.
AMS will obviously have its own unique functionalities/features like Scheduled Publishing that Showcase won't have. A full list of features and functionalities will be published when AMS is officially announced.

NOTE: AMS is not a CMS, Portal or BLOG (at least not by MY definition of each of those Terms).


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